Heatseekers Arson Fire

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1st Place for Hottest Sauce at Fremantle Chilli Festival 2014!

West Australian Grown & Made!

Arson Fire is a superhot chilli puree made with the hottest chillies in the world. Moruga Scorpions, Trinidad Scorpions and the good old Ghost Chilli give it that wicked heat and natural flavour.

It is made with 75% chilli which means it is great to add that heat and fresh chilli taste to your cooking without changing the flavour of the dish. Use in place of cut up fresh chillies, in stew, pasta or curries as well as in Bloody Mary's. We also deseed all the chillies so you don't get any bitterness.

Ingredients: Chillies, vinegar

Bottle: 110ml

Heat: 15/10