Chilli Jams and Chutney

*New* Heatseekers "Hellish Relish!"

CODE: hrelish

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A sweet and spicy chutney made with roast beetroots, caramelised onions, apples, ghost chillies and balsamic vinegar. Add some spice to your burgers, sandwiches and cheese platters!


*New* Heatseekers "Tequila Slam Jam!"

CODE: jam2

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A breakfast marmalade with a Mexican twist! This sweet but zesty lime marmalade also contains tequila, lemon and salt - and just enough chilli to tingle your taste buds. So slam it on your toast to get you going in the morning!

Heat rating 4/10


Ingredients: Sugar, limes, jalapenos, lemons, tequila, habaneros, pectin, salt

Heatseekers "Wham Bam Chilli Jam!"

CODE: jam1

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So sweet, but so hot and spicy! Made with Scorpions, Ghost chillies and even some Carolina Reapers, this is no ordinary conserve! The heat will surprise you in this deceptive jam - use it with cheese and crackers, in sandwiches or even on toast - if you dare!