Superhot chillies. Some of the hottest chilli seeds in the world. Please look throughout the various shipping options (if ordering seeds only choose that option)when you are checking out to insure the cheapest postage option.

Bhut Jolokia Seeds *Ghost Chilli* (C. chinense) 20 seeds


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The Bhut Jolokia was in the Guinness World Records for the hottest chilli in the world from 2006 -2011. The pod has a very nice and unusual flavour to it and then the heat builds up. Pods are around 6.5 cm long by 2cm wide with a pimply/ bumpy evil appearance. The Bhut Jolokia has been tested at New Mexico State University Chile Pepper Institute and has a heat rating of 1,001,304 SHU's. Extremely Hot! About 3.5 times the heat of a Habanero!

* Please note growing instructions

10 Bhut Jolokia chilli seeds per packet

Douglah/Chocolate 7 Pot/Cappy's Strain Seeds (C. chinense)


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The Douglah is a variety that has been found in Trinidad. This is another one to add to your superhot collection. Many think that it is one of the hottest chillies in the World. It was recently tested in America by HPLC tests and consistently came up around the 800,000 SHU mark and a few times at around 1.1 million SHU's.

It is a roundish-oblong shape with bumpy, brownish-reddish skin. When you cut it in half it is more of a reddy colour with lots of capsaicin droplets.

10 Douglah/ Chocolate 7 Pot seeds per packet

Trinidad Scorpion Butch T Seeds

CODE: btts

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This strain is in the Guinness World Records for the hottest chilli in the World at just over 1.4million SHU's. That's 300,000 SHU's hotter than the old record holder from India - Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Chilli).

Butch Taylor is the American guy who grew out this strain and passed on seeds to people on chilli growing forums. Hence the name Trinidad Scorpion Butch T. An Australian sauce company then got hold of the seeds and grew them. They sent the pods away for testing and they came in as the new hottest chilli. These are very similar and originate from the Trinidad Scorpion but have been selected over many years for particular qualities- the main one being heat levels.

* Please note not all pods will have the scorpion stinger tail.

10 Trinidad Scorpion Butch T chilli seeds per packet

Jonah 7 Pot Seeds ( C. chinense)


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Jonah 7 Pot seeds are another type of red 7 Pot originating in Trinidad. The pods and plants are larger than the regular 7 Pot and have been tested at over 800,000 SHU's.

10 Jonah 7 Pot seeds per packet

Moruga Scorpion seeds

CODE: MS seeds

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Wildfire Chilli

Over the years Wildfire Chilli has selected only the hottest pods to collect the seeds from ensuring that our Moruga Scorpions are the hottest in WA.
The original Moruga Scorpion was tested at New Mexico State University Chile Pepper Institute and had a maximum reading of 2 million Scoville Heat Units!




10 Moruga Scorpion seeds per packet


Moruga Scorpion Yellow Chilli Seeds


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Wildfire Chilli
Moruga Scorpion seeds are very hard to get hold of and now we also stock the ultra rare yellow version. These chillies aren't as hot as the red Moruga Scorpions but like all yellow varieties have the best flavour.

Chocolate Trinidad Moruga Scorpion (20 Seeds)


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Chocolate Trinidad Scorpion Seeds

Mixed SUPER HOT CHILLI Seeds **50 per pack**

CODE: mixed-super-hots

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Mixed SUPER HOT CHILLI Seeds **50 per pack**

7 Pot Brain Strain (red) seeds

CODE: rbs

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Red Brain Strain seeds

Bubblegum 7 Pot Chilli seeds - 20 seeds


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 Bubblegum 7 Pot Chilli seeds