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Moruga Scorpion Chilli Powder


In stock
Heatseekers Chilli

Organically grown Trinidad Scorpion chillies that have been destemmed and dried down and then ground to a powder. Use sparingly in any food that needs a bit of a kick.

Moruga Scorpion Dried Pods 10g

CODE: dbsc

$13.95   $10.95
In stock
Bag of Moruga Scorpion Dried Chillies.
These Peak at 2.0 Million SHU's and make them one of the hottest chillies in the world.
1 x 10g Bag

Moruga Scorpion seeds

CODE: MS seeds

$7.95 ($8.75 inc tax)
In stock
Wildfire Chilli

Over the years Wildfire Chilli has selected only the hottest pods to collect the seeds from ensuring that our Moruga Scorpions are the hottest in WA.
The original Moruga Scorpion was tested at New Mexico State University Chile Pepper Institute and had a maximum reading of 2 million Scoville Heat Units!




10 Moruga Scorpion seeds per packet


Moruga Scorpion Yellow Chilli Seeds


$8.50   $7.65 ($8.42 inc tax)
Wildfire Chilli
Moruga Scorpion seeds are very hard to get hold of and now we also stock the ultra rare yellow version. These chillies aren't as hot as the red Moruga Scorpions but like all yellow varieties have the best flavour.

Naglah Beast Chilli Seeds


$9.95   $7.95 ($8.75 inc tax)
In stock

We've just sourced these interesting new seeds from Jim Dufffy of Refining Fire Chiles. The original Naglah Red is a cross between the Bhut Jolokia and the 7 Pot Douglah created by the Chile Pepper Institute at New Mexico State University. Now in his 2015 growout Jim had two Naglah plants that gave totally different shaped peppers. These peppers were kind of mushroom shaped instead of elongated and very bumpy - a bit like a mini MA Wartryx - and he named them the Naglah Beast. This is not a stable new variety, but a variant of the Naglah, which we hope will stay consistent as it is a cool looking pepper!

10 x seeds

Peter Pepper Red Seeds (C. annuum)

CODE: spp

$7.00   $5.00 ($5.50 inc tax)
In stock

Produces red pods around 6.5cm long and penis shaped. A big talking point in your garden! Prefers to be grown in slight shade and protected from the wind. Also good to cook with and has a mild - medium heat. Seeds are hard to obtain around the world and are limited.


10 Peter Pepper Red chilli seeds per packet

Purple UFO (20 chilli seeds)


$8.95 ($9.85 inc tax)
In stock

These chillies look so cool, with their 'UFO' shape, and ripening from purple through to red. But not only are they beautiful, they are delicious, too - they have a medium heat and are described as having a sweet, fresh apple-like flavour. No chilli garden can be complete without these amazing peppers!

Capsicum Annuum

10+ chilli seeds per packet

Red Moruga Scorpion Chilli seedling "Super Hot" 110mm Pot

CODE: rmsp116pot

$6.95 ($7.65 inc tax)
Wildfire Chilli

Guinness World Record holder for in 2013, this Chilli plant packs a mighty punch at 2 million scoville heat units!

 These plants have been grown by the same seed stock which was donated to the institute for testing. The pods are roundish in shape with bumps and mature from a green to a red colour.

These Chillies are grown buy Wildfire Chilli in WA and are exclusively used in our Heatseeker Chilli range of super hot Sauces and Salt products.  

This variety is extremely rare in WA and only available at Bunning’s or delivery through special request.

Red Peter Pepper Chilli seedling 110mm pot

CODE: pp110

$6.95 ($7.65 inc tax)
Wildfire Chilli
The red Peter Pepper resembles a certain male body part... Around 8cm long and a medium heat chilli. Great for pickling and adding to salads and cheese and crackers. This one is definately a conversation starter in the garden! Very easy to grow. These plants are large and flowering and are in 116mm pots.
Limited stock avaiable soon,
Delivery on special request

Scotch Bonnet Orange Chilli Seeds

CODE: SBOseeds

$7.95   $6.95 ($7.65 inc tax)
In stock
Wildfire Chilli

Scotch Bonnets are easy to grow, and produce many pods which ripen to orange. They have a sweet taste, but a good heat (around 300,000 SHU's) with a slow burn. They are a favourite for sauce makers, and are used in many Caribbean dishes. A versatile and beautiful chilli for your chilli garden.


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