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CODE: p00004

Peter Pepper Red Seeds (C. annuum)

CODE: spp

$7.00   $5.00 ($5.50 inc tax)
In stock

Produces red pods around 6.5cm long and penis shaped. A big talking point in your garden! Prefers to be grown in slight shade and protected from the wind. Also good to cook with and has a mild - medium heat. Seeds are hard to obtain around the world and are limited.


10 Peter Pepper Red chilli seeds per packet

Heatseekers Knockout Superhot Ketchup


$12.95   $5.00
In stock

Can you handle it, or will you be knocked out?! This Superhot ketchup contains two of the hottest chillies in the world - the Trinidad and Moruga Scorpions. Use it instead of ketchup to give your favourite foods that extra punch!

17-4 PH Chilli Sauce from The Forge


$10.00   $5.00
In stock

17-4 PH Chilli Sauce from The Forge

Simple clean flavours with a nice burn that has legs!

Ingredients: Pineapple, Beetroot, Chillies, Vinegar, Salt

Stubby holder - I like my beer cold and my chillies hot!

CODE: wcshiehs

$8.95   $5.95 ($6.55 inc tax)
In stock
Wildfire Chilli

Wildfire Chilli stubby holder with the saying "I like my beers cold and my chillies hot!" featuring the Wildfire Chilli logo. Top quality neoprene stubby holder which is stitched on the sides and a bottom glued on. No more beers slipping through this snug fitting stubby holder. Excellent gift!

Jonah 7 Pot Seeds ( C. chinense)


$8.50   $6.50 ($7.15 inc tax)
In stock

Jonah 7 Pot seeds are another type of red 7 Pot originating in Trinidad. The pods and plants are larger than the regular 7 Pot and have been tested at over 800,000 SHU's.

10 Jonah 7 Pot seeds per packet

VV7 Trinidad Scorpion Seeds

CODE: VV7seed

$9.95   $6.50 ($7.15 inc tax)
In stock
The VV7 Trinidad Scorpion has a very sweet taste and super hot Heat levels.  
This new and stable stand alone variety is very sought after and a must for the chilli collection.


Jonah 7 Pot Chilli seeding 110mm pot

CODE: 2011j7p

$6.95 ($7.65 inc tax)
Wildfire Chilli

Jonah 7 Pot is a larger version of the Red 7 Pot.
The Jonah 7 Pot's heat level is around 800,000 SHU's and the 7 Pots actually have the best flavour out of all the superhots.


Available at your Local Bunning’s store or delivery on special request.



Douglah/Chocolate 7 Pot Chilli Seedling 110mm pot

CODE: 2011d

$6.95 ($7.65 inc tax)
Wildfire Chilli

The Douglah is also thought to be a chocolate/brown version of the 7 Pot. Up there with the Moruga Scorpion in terms of heat. Rated at 800,000 - 1,1 million SHU's.
When the pod is cut in half the inside is a reddish brown colour with lots of capsaicin droplets on it.
 Available at your local Bunning’s store or through special request. 



Red Moruga Scorpion Chilli seedling "Super Hot" 110mm Pot

CODE: rmsp116pot

$6.95 ($7.65 inc tax)
Wildfire Chilli

Guinness World Record holder for in 2013, this Chilli plant packs a mighty punch at 2 million scoville heat units!

 These plants have been grown by the same seed stock which was donated to the institute for testing. The pods are roundish in shape with bumps and mature from a green to a red colour.

These Chillies are grown buy Wildfire Chilli in WA and are exclusively used in our Heatseeker Chilli range of super hot Sauces and Salt products.  

This variety is extremely rare in WA and only available at Bunning’s or delivery through special request.

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