About Us


Wildfire Chilli is a Western Australian based online hot chilli company.

We are based solely online apart from attending the Fremantle Chilli Festival and other events each year. To find out more visit our Facebook page for regular updates.

How it all started...

Wildfire Chilli was the sole creation of Candice Burns and has been running since 2009. It began with selling chilli seeds and plants at the Araluen Chilli Festival and also on Wildfire Chilli's online store. It then grew to specialising in the superhot chillies we all love.

In 2009, after many years of research and acquiring health department certification, Candice started making her own chilli sauces with the very first one, Smokey Jolokia Original, now a multiple International award winning hot chilli Steak sauce.

Heatseekers Chilli is a new company name that was then given to all of the chilli sauce and chilli food products that Wildfire Chilli produces and packages.

In May 2014 Stuart Peterson bought the company and continued the high standards set down by the previous owner.  

Now since September 2015 Sue and Jerry Carter have bought the company from Stuart and are excited about the future possibilities!


Wildfire Chilli stocks some of the hottest chilli seeds, chilli plants, fresh and dried chilli pods, sauces, snacks and other products as well as many interesting and weird chillies. All of the Heatseekers Chilli brand products and sauces are naturally hot and contain no extracts or "fake" flavourings. The smokey taste in our Smokey Jolokia sauces come from real chipotles (smoked Jalapenos and not the inferior liquid smoke product).

Fresh chillies are grown locally at an organic farm for us and sold to W.A customers only (due to quarantine restrictions), when in season and we have a surplus. Our pickled products and superhot purees are made from these chillies and in time will replace all of our imported dried chilli products with the organically grown ones which have been dehydrated at 60 degrees and packaged in heat sealed bags. You will be able to buy these off our website as well as at the markets.

Purity of Chilli Seeds...

With our chilli seeds we have very good germination rates (however superhots are known to be harder to grow than the normal ones) and excellent plant characteristics and purity. We go to great lengths of isolating all of our plants and keeping them pure. All of the seeds collected are from only isolated, ripe, large pods so you know that you will get an excellent looking plant that produces great pods.

By sourcing some of our more common seeds from a couple of reliable large seed companies it allows us to pass on the savings and charge very reasonable prices. When we are out of stock of our own seeds we will supply seed from other companies that share our same belief in isolation and quality. This can be useful in our "off" season as it allows us to buy the freshest seed from overseas to be used for our upcoming season which allows quick and excellent germination. Chillies require a very large distance between each variety and therefore cannot be grown together (if you want to save seed) otherwise they can cross pollinate and produce unwanted varieties which is why isolation is required. When buying seeds you need to ask the seller what they are doing to prevent cross pollination. Wildfire Chilli is always on the lookout for the new super hots and will find and grow them in isolation for pure seed for our customers.

Super Hot Chilli Plants ...

Super hot chilli plants are also available in 10cm square pots, from around October onwards (for W.A residents) and include the superhot chillies such as the Carolina Reaper Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Chilli), Moruga Scorpion, 7 Pot and Trinidad Scorpion as well as the quirky Peter Pepper. We also sell larger plants around February onwards and at the Fremantle Chilli Festival.

Wholesale & Bulk...

If you are interested in any of Wildfire Chilli or Heatseekers Chilli products in bulk quantities or for wholesale please do not hesitate to contact us either by email-
sales@wildfirechilli.com.au or sales@heatseekerschilli.com.au or by phone - 0457 917 920.

Customer Feedback


I wanted to write this because it's always nice to feel appreciated.
Your doing a great job , this is my first time growing or eating super hots , so I had never really looked around on facebook or the net before so I started googling looking around ( I buy Australian first ) and after a lot of study of different sites I chose the wildfire site , it looked great easy to navigate, great products and good info and very competitive pricing, fast cheap shipping ,great job and as a first time buyer in this market thank you.

M. Davies, N.S.W


Hi Candice,

A pat on the back! Just a quick email to say thanks for the great products you offer. I just can't get enough of your smokey jolokia sauces. Anyways keep up the great work and all the best in the future :-)

Grant, VIC

Awesome thanks for that will def have to order some Arson Fire as well. I'm literally addicted to your Hot Embers lol great job !
Kris, Australia

Candice, you rule. I'll order from you again in the future! Can't wait to try the Incinerator.

I received my bottle. I've tried a few drops on an egg sandwich and a few more on a Dominos pasta with jalapanos, chicken and garlic. It's HOT...so hot it's hard to discern the flavor, and probably will be that way until I get more used to it. The aroma is fantastic. I've always wondered two things: What's the truly hottest non-extract sauce, and what's the most flavorful sauce WITH extract?

The answer to the first question has been answered by Incinerator.
Matt, USA

Hi Candice
I have to give you credit for leaving the door open for the opportunity to still purchase the product.
I was ready to walk away, but luckily you were resourceful enough to come up with another option to successfully maneuver through the whole waiver issue.
So thanks again for making this work for both of us, and i look forward to trying your product, but of course in very conservative doses. ;)


They've arrived today, safe and sound....and quite quickly as well! So i had to sample some of this Incinerator sauce. First i did a sniff test of the opened bottle.Wow! It has a great smell for a hot sauce, without a vinegary smell at all! The fruity/floral scent of the 7Pots is nicely balanced with the pineapple and peaches. And because it is made with pure capsaicin crystals, there is no trace of this extract in either smell or taste with these sauces.

To taste this sauce, i first dipped a toothpick into the sauce, and tried that. The sauce was quite fruity, not salty and made a great first impression. I timed myself to see where the heat peaked at, and found that it was warmest at the 3 minute mark for the toothpick test. Then i tried a couple of drops on a teaspoon, to see how that would go.Not bad at all, same great taste, got a nice upper front tongue burn for about 20 minutes or so, but at no point was it ever uncomfortable. It may sound funny to hear, but it was actually a very nice, comfortable tongue burn...very enjoyable. 

This sauce would make a great snack sauce...take a drop every once in a while when you're fixin' for a full flavored heat snack! Great product you've made there Wildfire! I'm glad i purchased it.
Doug, Canada

Hi Candice,
The chillies have arrived (today saturday!?) and they are awesome!!!! Thank you!


"What a professional out fit you run, on time, fast and packaged items that look great and the web site just great. Got my seeds fast compared to the other sellers ! I dont think I will bother with them again."
David, Australia

"Thank you very much for your assistance.  The service was excellent, prompt and you couldn't have been more helpful.  And as for the Arson Fire, hell yes! What I didn't expect was how tasty and fruity it was. Thanks once again."
Mark Bennetts
Brisbane, Australia

" Love your work. Keep it up. Thanks again"
Ian Fairhead, WA

"WOW!  What an absolutely killer reply to my many, many, questions!  It has been the longest time since I have encountered such a knowledgeable, helpful, and passionate person in any field or industry that has been so giving of their time before I have even spent a cent with them.

I would also like to compliment you on your extremely low prices and easy to navigate website....these 2 things are the primary reasons that I have made the decision to give you my business."
Melbourne, Australia

Smokey Jolokia Original
After trying it three times today, one on a spoon, one with a rib eye and another with country style jack ribs i have to say, the heat can be ferocious but its so easily managed. It really is something to make someone over come a fear of the hottest pepper on earth just from smell. I just wanted you to know you're sauce is melting snow here in Dawson, which there is almost 4 feet of. well done, I await the arrival of your next concoction.

 Dried Bhut Jolokia Pods
You should have marked that package of pods as dangerous goods! I just downed a few raw pods and they are awesome. Will order more from you soon.
Western Australia

Smokey Jolokia Original
"definatly the most tasty of the ones that I have tried so far... Its very nice on its own without having to mix it with anything else. 100 % Honestly a great sauce !!"
Western Australia

Naga Morich seeds & Red Savina seeds
Thank you for your quick response to my queries and order it is most appreciated.

Smokey Jolokia Original, Bhut Jolokia Plant and Chilli Focus
Thanks for the bhut jolokia plant and sauce on the weekend! The plant  seems to be going well in the ground and the sauce is to die for!! I  had a BBQ Sunday night so that I could test it out - steak never tasted so good.
Thanks again
Kyle, WA