Heatseekers Chilli

Heatseekers Chilli is our (Wildfire Chilli) brand of chilli products which includes: sauces, seasonings and dried chillies.

We have won numerous international and national awards for our chilli products since starting in 2009.

Our slogan is "Experience the rush. Savour the flavour". It is very hard to find a very hot or extreme sauce that also has flavour. A lot of other companies may make really hot sauces but they generally don't have any depth to the flavour. Or they are tasty but use a low percentage of superhot chillies so they aren't much hotter than a habanero or Nando's chilli sauce. We use a combination of great flavour and high heat to produce our chilli sauces and use the world's hottest chillies to do so. Time after time our slogan is reinforced by our customers. A frequent response is "Wow it is hot, but I didn't expect it to have that much flavour as well".

Most of our sauces are made with local organically grown superhot chillies and other quality ingredients.