Where are your products made?

A: Most of our products are created by Candice Burns in Perth, Western Australia. Our superhot chillies are grown at an organic farm in W.A and then processed in our licensed kitchen and made in small batches.
Smokey Jolokia and Infernum outgrew what Candice could produce on her own so have been outsourced to a sauce manufacturer also in WA and made under Candice’s recipe and supervision. Incinerator was originally made in WA but has now been outsourced overseas due to legality issues of importing pure capsaicin into Australia.

Can I buy these products anywhere else?

A: Yes. Candice frequents the Canning Vale markets most weeks during summer (in the Wildfire Chilli tent) and then once a month from March onwards. Other fairs and festivals are also attended throughout the year including Araluen’s Fremantle Chilli Festival. Please check the home page for upcoming festivals and dates.

There are a number of shops around Australia also stocking our Heatseekers Chilli range. Please see the suppliers tab for more information or ask a shop near you to stock our range. They will receive an additional free product of everything ordered with their first order and if you recommend someone that orders we will send you a pack of goodies also!

How much is postage and can you ship overseas? Is pick up an option?

A: Depends on location and the weight and bulkiness of your order. We will charge you what Australia Post charge us, plus $1.50 for handling and packaging. All items are wrapped in bubblewrap to prevent breakages.

Roughly you can get 2 bottles of 113ml sauce sent around Australia with tracking for around $9.35. However for an extra $4 we can post up to 10 (113ml) bottles.

Yes we do send overseas and recommend that you choose registered post so you are able to track it.

Pick up is available at the Canning Vale Markets (check for dates) only. Unfortunately the website is not capable of setting up a preorder for our products so you will just need to come on the day.


How soon will my order be sent and when will I receive it?

A: Orders are sent generally within 3 days of placing your order. We go to the post office twice a week, usually on Mondays and Thursdays. If you are in W.A you will generally receive your order the following day. For the rest of Australia it can take up to 5 business days from when sent. If you choose Express it can take up to 2 days. Overseas customers do take longer and a time frame can’t be guaranteed but it is generally around 1-2 weeks or up to 3months if you choose seamail.

What if my order is lost or broken?

A: We will gladly replace any broken orders. All items are packaged carefully with bubblewrap but it is beyond our control with how Australia Post handles your package. If your product happens to be broken, please take a photo and email it through. As all orders come with tracking, your order should not be lost. If it doesn’t arrive you will need to contact the post office or visit Australia Post’s website with your tracking number.

Why do you only make superhot products, what about a milder one?

A: Heatseekers Chilli was born due to the lack of superhot products out there. We are trying to fill a market gap and provide you with gourmet quality and unique products that you can’t find anywhere else. We will only specialise in hot and superhot products so that our focus is not spread out too much. There are hundreds of Jalapeno and Sweet chilli sauces out there already and surely there doesn’t need to be another one out on the market. Heatseekers Chilli will continue to be in the forefront of superhots and provide the hottest and best tasting chilli food products around.

I’ve had hotter sauces made with extract or oleoresin, why don’t you make products like these?

A: Heatseekers Chilli’s aim is to provide natural superhot sauces that also have awesome flavour! This can’t be achieved with extract sauces due to the nasty chemical/metallic taste that it gives off. No matter how many other ingredients you add it is impossible to mask that taste. Extract sauces are usually made as novelty or “dare” sauces to prove some sort of machoness. Problem is that this stuff actually makes you sick if you have more than a few drops and is why you are hearing more and more often of people being taken away by ambulances at chilli eating competitions. We don’t want to kill you and want to make sure that you actually enjoy eating your sauce as well as getting that natural “high” or “rush” that chilli gives.

Flavour is just as important as heat in our products and once you become a serious chilli head and get used to the heat then you can start to appreciate all of the different flavours that the superhots produce.

However, if you do want something hotter than superhot chillies, but without that extract taste, then I have created "Incinerator” for your heat seeking pleasure! Made with the best tasting superhot chilli - the 7 Pot but kicked up to the next heat level by 16 million pure capsaicin crystals (the absolute hottest thing in the world!). This one will rock you. Awesome flavour and awesome heat which will also pass the extract sauces out there.

Do you add artificial preservatives, flavours or colours? Are they vegan and gluten free?

Nothing artificial is added. We use natural preservatives such as lime and vinegar as well as the correct processing procedures to ensure shelf life of our products. Please note however that there may be the occasional ingredient that already contains one of these eg. Worcestershire sauce in Smokey Jolokia contains flavours. Many additives have been questioned on how it affects your health and mood so we try to stay away from these for your benefit.

Yes they are Vegan friendly. No animal products are used. The only products not Gluten free are Smokey Jolokia, Infernum and Knock Out.

Why is something out of stock? Can’t you just make more?

A: Most of our products contain chillies that we have specially been grown. We don’t use run of the mill ingredients which is why our products are so unique. So unfortunately due to weather, season and growing conditions, something may not always be available all year round. However we will do our best to grow as much as possible and produce as many products as we can.

What are superhot chillies?

A: Superhot chillies are chillies that rate around 700,000 and over on the Scoville Heat Unit Scale such as Trinidad Scorpion, Bhut Jolokia, Moruga Scorpion and the 7 Pot. Colours other than red are also available in these superhots but are generally a little less hot then the original red varieties. Habaneros are considered as Hot Chillies but were once the hottest in the world and they rate around 300,000 SHU’s. Jalapenos are mild and rated around 10,000 SHU’s.


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