Kraken Scorpion Chilli Seeds


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The Kraken Scorpion (Capsicum Chinense) is a large brown superhot variety created by Mike Hess of Peoria, Illinois in 2013. It is a cross between the Bhut Jolokia India Carbon and the Trinidad Chocolate Scorpion. The peppers are elongated but also fatter than any Ghost or Naga pepper. They sometimes grow a little signature tail at the pointed end of the pepper. The Kraken Scorpion peppers themselves have a very rough pimply outer skin. The heat is extreme. The peppers can get big enough to almost fill the palm of an average hand! They ripen from green to brown and sometimes dark brown. The flavor is floral and earthy. Some would say smoky. A great addition to making a hot sauce or a very hot seasoning powder.

10 x seeds