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Date added: 09/10/2015 Under new Management... Again

Hi Everyone,

Due to Stuart's many other commitments he was forced to sell Wildfire Chilli, to us!

We are Sue and Jerry Carter and are looking forward to consuming lots of chilli, oh I mean selling, yes selling lots of chilli products to all you lovely chilli heads!

We look forward to meeting lots of you at places like Canning Vale markets and the Chiili Fest (of course!), so see you soon!

Jerry & Sue



13/10/2015, 15:48

"I sincerely hope so!
We would like to expand the range, but this will take a little time.
Did you want plants or fresh chillis?
Email me Fab"

13/10/2015, 14:40

"Hi There

I used to buy chillies from Candice who used to run the business before Stuart took over. Never able to get anything from Stuart. Just wondering if you will have some super hots available soon?"

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