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 The Worlds Hottest Chilli Plants now avaiable with online ordering with Perth metro delivery options. They can also be picked up from the Canning Vale Markets the first Sunday in each month.
Wildfire Chilli is proud to announce that it has become the only licensed and accredited dealer in Australia to sauce all of the famous PuckerButt Pepper Company products including the Genuine “Smokin' Ed’s Carolina Reaper®”.
Check out the stock and please contact me if you are after any of the PuckerButt Pepper Companies products that we don’t currently have, and I will get them in for you.
Genuine Smokin’ Ed’s Carolina Reaper Seeds and dried Pods available NOW!
Introducing:  JUMBO NO NO.  (Large Animal Deterrent)
This is a seriously strong large animal deterrent using an all natural chilli product to assist in the protection of crops from Elephants, Rhino, Hippo and Buffalo etc.  
This potent deterrent is formulated from the Hottest Chillies in the world that are freshly dried and powdered to provide a fast acting stinging and burning in the mouth of any animal that comes in contact with it.
We don’t use Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Chillies) in this formula as the burning acts to slowly to be an effective deterrent.
We can offer you a hands on development pathway to tailor a specific deterrent to your local requirements and will work with you to assist in the efficiencies of the end application to lower your overall costs.
Minimum quantity is 1,000kgs
Can supply up to 15 Metric Tonnes per month with a small lead in times.
Longer lead times can expect a greater discount in the cost.
Please feel free to contact me anytime to discuss your requirements as we can accommodate almost any request.
Kind Regards
Stuart Peterson
0061 457 917 920
Wildfire Chilli Pty Ltd
Find our Super Hot Chilli Plant range at Bunning's stores across WA from mid October to June.
Spring Seed Special
All Seed ONLY orders of any quantity now a flat postage rate of $3.25 Australia wide.
We produce the HOTTEST, NEWEST and most UNIQUE chilli products on the market? When we say hot we mean HOT!
Not just hot for your average person but hot for the most discerning chilli heads. We are always on the lookout to supply you with the latest and most sought after chilli seeds, chilli plants, hot sauces, fresh and dried chilli pods as well as something that is just that little bit different. 
If you are in WA you can only buy seeds locally as no seeds can be bought in from over East or overseas without extra charges or fines.
W.A Quarantine have bought in a law in 2013 that any seed bought into WA will now have to be inspected. This is to avoid bringing new diseases into our state. 
So buy locally with us to prevent paying any fines.
Are you sick of growing out seeds that don't appear true to type because the grower hasn't used any isolation techniques?
I want you to get what you have paid for and go to great lengths of isolating my plants or sourcing from others (when my own are not in stock) that hold the same beliefs. Plants are either isolated by distance, in a sealed hydroponic room or in special cages made with insect and pollen proof material. If something is out of stock that is because we are waiting on reliable and good quality seed.
Customer service in WA.
I believe in a happy customer is a returning customer and will do all I can for you to make your experience enjoyable. I have high expectations myself and if I feel something is not up to my standard I will not supply it. Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.
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We are fully automated so all orders can be placed online through the Paypal shopping cart. You can also pay by credit card through Paypal even if you are not registered with them.
We do not have a retail shopfront but frequent festivals and fairs (No home pick ups sorry). All W.A Bunnings stores are now stocking our plants when in season.
Wildfire Chilli supplies the hottest chilli seeds in the world as well as some rare, weird and ornamental varieties. Also have a look at our range of Australian & American hot chilli sauces and extreme heat & extract based sauces. We also stock fresh and dried super hot chilli pods, chilli powders, pickled chillies, purees, growing equipment and more chilli related products.
Wildfire Chilli is run by myself, Stuart Peterson and occasional help from my family. I also run and make products for Heatseekers Chilli. We are Western Australian owned companies. So check out the Find Wildfire Chilli Locations for where we will have a stall at next and other shops that stock our products. We can send our products all around Australia as well as internationally.
If you would like to stock our products at your shop or use our hot sauces, chilli spice, super hot chilli puree or pickled chillies in your restaurant or cafe please contact us for wholesale pricing.
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