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Wildfire Chilli is proud to announce that it has become the only licensed and accredited dealer in Australia to supply all of the famous PuckerButt Pepper Company products including the Genuine “Smokin' Ed’s Carolina Reaper®”.
Check out the stock and please contact us if you are after any of the PuckerButt Pepper Company's products that we don’t currently have, and we will get them in for you.


We have some Puckerbutt sauces which are past their 'best before' dates, so we are offering them at a massive discount! Check out these low prices for Extra Mean Green and Red Hot Cherry - only $4.00!! Also Shoot That's Hot! for $5.00. Remember, "Best Before" is not the same as "Use by" - they are perfectly safe to eat - well, assuming you are used to hot chilli of course!

Heatseekers Chilli Offer!

Heatseekers is our own brand of sauces and seasonings, all made here in WA. We grow our own chillies locally to use in our products. We have recently had difficulty getting hold of the 100ml glass bottles that we use for our sauces - so we have had to use some 150ml bottles instead. For a limited time, we are offering the new 150ml sizes at the same price as the smaller bottles for 4 of our sauces - Carpe Demon, Arson Fire, Smokey Jolokia and Singapore Sting - while stocks last.