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Smokin' Hot Embers!

If you love our best-selling Hot Embers Chilli Salt Shaker, but want something even spicier, this is for you! The addition of smoked Carolina Reapers make this even hotter and smokier than the original, but with the same delicious flavours - you know you want it!

For a limited time, the same price as the original Embers, just $12.95 for 70g


We have just imported some new seeds, both to re-stock some old favourites, and some brand new varieties! Check out our White Bhut Jolokia seeds, Yellow 7 Pot Primos, delicious Aji Lemon Drop and the fiercely hot Chocolate Bhutlah - rumoured to be hotter than the Carolina Reaper!

FREE SEEDS! Order 3 packs of seeds or more, and we will add a pack of 20 mixed superhot seeds to your order.


We have something for you at each end of the heat scale! If no sauce can be too hot for you, Dragon's Kiss may be the answer - made with superhot chillies - reapers, scorpions 7 pots and ghosts - your mouth should be hot enough to breath fire! At the other end of the heat scale, Tequila Slam Jam is a lime and lemon marmalade with a Mexican twist - the addition of Jalapenos, habaneros and of course tequila! Mild enough to smother your toast in the morning, but still some heat for you chilli addicts!