About Us… Really Hot Oh.. Hotter Hottest in the freaking world!

Wildfire Chilli is a Western Australian owned and based online hot chilli company. We grow our own super hot chillis both to sell and make our great and amazingly hot and tasty chilli sauces.

We are based solely online apart from attending the “World Famous” Araluen’s Fremantle Chilli Festival and other events each year. To find out more visit our Facebook page for regular updates.

Our Products…

Wildfire Chilli stocks some of the hottest chilli seeds, chilli plants, fresh and dried chilli pods, sauces, snacks and other products as well as many interesting and weird chillies. All of the Heatseekers Chilli brand products and sauces are naturally hot and contain no extracts or “fake” flavourings. The smokey taste in our Smokey Jolokia sauces come from real chipotles (smoked Jalapenos and not the inferior liquid smoke product).

Fresh chillies are grown locally at an organic farm for us and sold to W.A customers only (due to quarantine restrictions), when in season and we have a surplus. Our pickled products and superhot purees are made from these chillies and in time will replace all of our imported dried chilli products with the organically grown ones which have been dehydrated at 60 degrees and packaged in heat sealed bags. You will be able to buy these off our website as well as at the markets.

Purity of Chilli Seeds

With our chilli seeds we have very good germination rates (however superhots are known to be harder to grow than the normal ones) and excellent plant characteristics and purity. We go to great lengths of isolating all of our plants and keeping them pure. All of the seeds collected are from only isolated, ripe, large pods so you know that you will get an excellent looking plant that produces great pods.

By sourcing some of our more common seeds from a couple of reliable large seed companies it allows us to pass on the savings and charge very reasonable prices. When we are out of stock of our own seeds we will supply seed from other companies that share our same belief in isolation and quality. This can be useful in our “off” season as it allows us to buy the freshest seed from overseas to be used for our upcoming season which allows quick and excellent germination. Chillies require a very large distance between each variety and therefore cannot be grown together (if you want to save seed) otherwise they can cross pollinate and produce unwanted varieties which is why isolation is required. When buying seeds you need to ask the seller what they are doing to prevent cross pollination. Wildfire Chilli is always on the lookout for the new super hots and will find and grow them in isolation for pure seed for our customers.

Super Hot Chilli Plants …

Super hot chilli plants are also available in 10cm square pots, from around October onwards (for W.A residents) and include the superhot chillies such as the Carolina Reaper Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Chilli), Moruga Scorpion, 7 Pot and Trinidad Scorpion as well as the quirky Peter Pepper. We also sell larger plants around February onwards and at the Fremantle Chilli Festival.

Wholesale & Bulk…

If you are interested in any of Wildfire Chilli or Heatseekers Chilli products in bulk quantities or for wholesale please do not hesitate to contact us either by email- sales@wildfirechilli.com.au or sales@heatseekerschilli.com.au or by phone – 0457 917 920.

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