22/06/2013, 11:17

"My Next years Wildfire Chilli plants are sprouting only planted the seeds 9 days ago bhuts morugas scorpions johnas ,and some habaneros i saved some seeds from ,98% germanation rate so far"


17/06/2013, 13:53


Love your products the chilli focus really made a difference and your isolated seed packs great quality i sprouted 95% at an ambient 32-34 deg with in two weeks."


14/06/2013, 19:25


At the risk of sounding like a tool, these chillies are freaking transcendent! My mouth says "hell yeah!" but the stomach says "sweet merciful #$*@!!!"

Great product. Thanks heaps! Can't wait to try some sauces...




14/06/2013, 19:21

"HI there,

I received my order today and I just wanted to add how grateful I am at the amount of care that went into packaging of the goods.

Thanks for your prompt service and I look forward to purchasing other items from your store in future.


PS Can you add me to your mail outs


14/06/2013, 19:06

"My other order just got here now 2 & a half days from ordering to the door great work (WA to NSW )cant wait to sample it all now...
Hell Raiser Chocolate Block is so nice every one should try it and the Blair's Jolokia Chips are way better then i though they would be...it is a must for all to try thanks wildfire


14/06/2013, 18:30

"Tried some of your sauces for the first the the other days thanks to my brother in law. Have to say yum!! Best chilli sauces Hubby and I have had!"


14/06/2013, 18:29

"Cheers Wildfire! Thanks for my special fresh super hot box!.
Great service. Almost next day service. Happy Days!!"


14/06/2013, 18:29

"Just got home from work and my fresh Wildfire Chilli pods were sat at my door to say im excited is an understatement :) awesome selection and looking forward to eating these!!! thank you Candice Burns and all those involved with wildfire chilli"


22/05/2013, 11:32

"Hi candace my name is cameron i just wanted to thank u for your quick response to my call the other week. Its good to see an aussie takin it to the world when it comes to quality products and products that have heat to burn and burn and burn and burn hahaha.
You have got yourself a loyal customer from here on in,also i was wondering whether you have stickers or the like so i can advertise for u to spread the word about WILDFIRE CHILLI products, ihave been spruiking to everyone i know that likes chilli to go to your site and check you guys out. As a matter of fact one of my clients just purchased 2 bottles of Incinerator last week

Anyway thanks


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